Counterfeit goods And product management

Technology changes Making fake imitation is easier and more real. And it can not be denied that the problem. Counterfeiting of counterfeit goods is a bad and damaging to the operator. Owner To the economic overview of Scan-Do by Arena Media is the inventor of counterfeit anti-counterfeiting with QR Code, along with cutting-edge technology. Because even a box or product. Hologram sticker How can we fake? But in modern times, these things can be fake. But our system is not fake.

The problem that brands must come across.

  • Fake goods box
  • Fake holographic sticker
  • The contractor to produce the goods themselves.
  • Change the sticker to fake customers often.

Or these problems.

  • Agent of Cheap Sale.
  • The dealer secretly brought false fake with the genuine.
  • Consumers are affected by the use of the product. (That is fake)
  • Explain to customers the genuine observations. From hard boxes or holograms

Why Scan-Do

  • Make the difference between your product and the imitation product.
  • Create a good image, create recognition and increase confidence in making a purchase.
  • Do CRM and Marketing with old customers and new customers right away.
  • Make a sustainable income. Do not worry about counterfeit products that will take away your income.
  • Scan-Do Managed by Arena Media Co., Ltd. Specialist in Mobile Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Scan-Do is the country’s first counterfeit anti-counterfeiting service provider and has been copyrighted. To the Department of Intellectual Property (No. 1. 6088)
  • Scan-Do is recognized by leading brands. There are over 100 million items on our system.
  • We are not a manufacturer or distributor of cosmetics, dietary supplements and any other products, so we are not your direct or indirect competitors.

Why use the Scan-Do system?

Brand Protect

  • Scan-Do has a network of piracy and trademark investigations.
  • Scan-Do offers litigation services for copyright infringement and trademark infringement.
  • Scan-Do has a system for the prevention and detection of counterfeit goods. With surveillance, lure, buy and random inspection.
  • The telephone number and GPS coordinates from the Smart Phone can be detected, which enables you to identify who is scanning the product and where. If there are multiple scans, it may be an attempt to copy the QR Code to do fake goods there.

Easy Easy

  • Product inspection can be used worldwide from smartphones.
  • In case of no signal, the Internet can be checked via SMS system from around the world with easy identification number. Number one worldwide (The system can detect SMS phone numbers.)
  • Consumers do not need to install any programs. Because it can scan QR code of the basic program that is available in the machine immediately, such as Line, WeChat, Weibo and so on.
  • Can handle large amounts of data and is available 24 hours a day.



When customers buy the product, then scrape the carbon bar on the sticker, then use Line or We chat. Scan QR code through smartphone. The information is sent to check the authenticity of the Scan-Do system and report the results to the customer immediately on the smartphone.

While the information is sent to the Scan-Do system, the system can also be checked and Automatically stores mobile phone numbers, addresses (GPS coordinates), and retrieves product information. (Pre-defined) let you know your product. Was sold by any distributor. And was sold to anyone. Our intelligent system knows all!